Setup VPN with following before use this dialer. Please read carefully before setup.

Download itel dialer OPC: 85781 and use it after connected with VPN


iPhone Manual VPN Setup...    Click Here to View image

·         Go to setting from the home screen

·         Go to "General”

·         Tap on "VPN"

·         Tap on "Add VPN Configuration...".

·         Select Type: L2TP

·         Description: Enter Any Name

·         Server:

·         Account:   mfazal    Password: fazal#123    

·         Secret: vpn123

·         Send All Traffic: On 

·         Save/Done


Android Manual VPN Setup..    Click Here to View image

·         Go to Setting> More Connection setting and get VPN

·         Press on Add VPN

·         Description: Enter Any Name

·         Select Type: L2TP/IPSec PSK

·         Server:

·         IPSec-preshared key: vpn123

·         Click on Save

·         Then Click on  this VPN and enter username and Password

·         User Name: mfazal

·         Password: fazal#123

·         Click on Connect


****** When you connected to VPN only Mobile dialer OPC 85781 will work. All other traffic will be blocked as long as VPN connected. ******